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Fiamma Caravel 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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Dive into the realm of distinguished coffee crafting with the Fiamma Caravel TC Espresso Machine, meticulously curated by Crema Crafters, your trusted companion in the quest for coffee perfection. Being an authorized retailer of Fiamma, we at Crema Crafters are not just sellers but avid admirers of the craftsmanship and performance embodied in every machine we present to you. Our collection is more than just a lineup of espresso machines; it's a handpicked assortment of the world's finest brewing marvels, each with a tale of coffee excellence waiting to be unraveled. The Caravel TC stands as a beacon of Fiamma's enduring legacy since 1977, offering a harmonious blend of traditional brewing finesse and modern-day convenience. This machine is a tribute to the rich coffee culture of Portugal, where the journey of Fiamma began​1​. With the Caravel TC, you're not just brewing coffee; you're embarking on a voyage through the illustrious pathways of espresso artistry. At the heart of the Caravel TC lies a static pre-infusion chamber, a gateway to a coffee brew that tells stories of rich flavors and aromatic splendors. The semi-automatic control is your wand to orchestrate the brewing process, guiding every espresso shot and hot water portion to dance to the tunes of your coffee desires​2​. It's a canvas awaiting the stroke of your coffee creativity, backed by a robust single boiler and precise pressurestat temperature control, ensuring a consistent performance through every brew. This isn't just a machine; it's a member of the Crema Crafters family, embodying our mission to empower you in concocting an unparalleled café experience right at your own space. The Caravel TC is more than capable of living up to the bustling demands of a commercial setting while being a sophisticated addition to your home coffee station. With the backing of our expert on-call support and full manufacturer warranties, you're never alone in your coffee crafting journey. Discover the plethora of features awaiting you: With the Caravel TC by Fiamma, Crema Crafters invites you to a coffee odyssey where every brew is a chapter in your personal coffee narrative. We're here with the tools and the guidance, awaiting your stride into the enchanting world of coffee crafting. Your journey towards brewing the perfect indulgence begins here.

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Crema Crafters is an authorized retailer and raving fan of every brand we carry. Our curated line of espresso machines is a purpose-built collection of the worlds’ best, backed by expert on-call support and full manufacturer warranties. We're here to empower you in crafting a superior café experience with the tools and guidance needed to brew the perfect indulgence.

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