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Warranty Information


Crema Crafters’ product warranties are provided through the equipment manufacturer and/or distributor, depending on the brand. All products have a minimum one year warranty. In the event of a warranty related issue, please contact us and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements. Extended warranties will begin after manufacturer warranties expire and will cover the same items as covered in the original warranty.

Warranty for home machines is one year parts and labor limited to manufacturer’s defects unless otherwise noted. Warranty for machines used for commercial purposes is parts only and limited to manufacturer’s defects. This means that the labor to make repairs is not covered under commercial warranty. Th warranty period starts at the FOB shipping point, meaning the buyer takes ownership once the product leaves the shipping location.

General Warranty & Defect Coverage

For increased satisfaction, most household and commercial equipment is tested either in the country of manufacture, the importer’s location, and/or at Crema Crafters’ location. If you feel a product is defective, please contact with information on the defect and we will contact you to discuss.

The first step is to diagnose the problem over the phone and raise possible solutions which may include customer installation of one or more easy-to-install parts. If it is determined that a repair is more extensive than a simple part replacement, a Warranty Repair Authorization will be issued for warranty repairs, along with a Repair Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for return of the merchandise to the warranty repair site.

Geographic Limitations

Any applicable warranty coverage is only in effect for merchandise that is utilized within the boundaries of the contiguous United States. This policy shipments made within the contiguous United States and brought/shipped outside the United States by the customer or one of his/her agents, or shipments made outside the contiguous United States. Warranty coverage does not include on-site service, in home visits, or travel costs.

Espresso Machines with Direct-Plumbing

Espresso machines that can be plumbed directly to a water supply have a one year parts warranty only. Commercial use of items intended for home use voids warranty with no exceptions. This limited warranty overrides any manufacturer warranties or warranties stated in the manufacturer’s manual.

Coffee Grinder Considerations

Coffee grinders, including those built into super-automatic espresso machines, are intended to grind unflavored whole coffee beans only. The use of any grinder (unless specifically stated in our product detail pages) for flavored coffee beans, other food products, or regrinding the grinds will render the coffee grinder (and if applicable, espresso machine with built in grinder) as a non-refundable, non-returnable final sale. If a grinder product is returned with evidence of flavored coffee or other food products, the customer assumes responsibility of all costs to receive back the grinder. Otherwise, in 30 days, the grinder will be considered abandoned.

General Considerations

Movement – Movement during shipping, despite optimal packaging, may cause movement of components, such as electrical connectors, within the machine. In most cases, the solution is easy to fix with tech support and is not considered a defect.

Technique – Some perceived machine defects are solved with learning proper grinding and tamping techniques. As you know, espresso making is a craft that requires some practice.

Water – Always use soft water that has a hardness between 35 and 85 ppm. Do not use tap water, hard water, distilled water or ultra-pure reverse osmosis water. Using anything but soft water will damage the machine and may void your warranty. Signs of limescale damage caused by incorrect water are very obvious during maintenance repairs. Any machine sent in for warranty repairs may have its warranty voided if extensive limescale deposits are present.

Maintenance – Failing to follow manufacturer’s maintenance instructions can cause catastrophic damage to the machine. Signs of failure to follow these guidelines will void warranty with no exceptions.

Setup – Follow first time use instruction carefully, especially around purging air from the system and filling the machine with water. Incorrect setup can damage the machine or cause inconvenient issues, such as causing overheating protection devices to reset the machine. A machine that has had an overload protection reset is not considered a defect; it is a safety feature designed to protect the product from damage.


Exclusions to limited warranties will be noted. The following exclusions, which are not limited, apply to all products during their warranty period:

  • Expendable items and items whose damage occurs as a result of failure to follow instructions that come with the product
  • Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling. Use water above 0 ppm, but less than 51 ppm
  • Products for which the applicable serial number has been removed or altered
  • Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment for warranty repairs, line power surge or any external causes
  • Operation of product outside the parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with product
  • Usage of parts not manufactured by original manufacturer
  • Modification or service by anyone other than our authorized distributor or an authorized warranty provider
  • Any acts of God, such as, but not limited to, lightening, flood, or fire
  • The cost of installations or routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items
  • Usage of product intended for home use in a commercial environment/setting/purpose
  • Warranty period is not transferable
  • Shipping costs to ship product back to authorized warranty center
  • On-site labor, or labor at any location not previously authorized, and/or expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair
  • Products shipped or brought outside the United States of America
  • Minor cosmetic blemishes typical of handcrafted equipment

Notes on Hand Craftsmanship

Most of the products we sell are hand made by artisans, not mass produced in great quantities with automated machinery. This means that the products may have some variances and may not appear millimeter-for-millimeter as they do in photos or videos and may have minor “blemishes” to the finish. Every retailer of these products will have products with these same variations. These variations do not count as reasons for warranty support.

Return Packaging

Crema Crafters cannot accept returns, shipments relating to warranty, or exchanges that do not have original boxes and packaging. A machine or grinder that is shipped without original packaging will likely be critically damaged during transportation. It is always a good idea to keep packaging in case of warranty issues or future maintenance/repairs. The original packaging is specifically engineered to reduce the possibility of shipping damage. If you need to make a return and have lost the original packaging, please contact to make arrangements.

In Closing, We Are Always Here for You

Despite the necessary detailing of warranty and liability issues, our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction. Your choice to do business with Crema Crafters is treated with the utmost appreciation. In the event of any issue that is not easily addressed by existing policies and procedures, please contact the owner directly at and he will get you sorted. Thank you and enjoy crafting amazing espresso!

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