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Futurete D64 Commercial Grinder

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The features and specifications of the Futurete D64 Commercial Espresso Bean Grinder are tailored to meet the high standards of quality and performance Crema Crafters stands for: Precision Engineering: The Futurete D64 is a pinnacle of precision engineering with its independent shafts and motor assembly featuring suspended synoblocks. This unique design significantly softens the effort and noise associated with coffee grinding, ensuring a serene coffee crafting experience​1​. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, this grinder comes equipped with high-durability grinding wheels, ensuring longevity and consistent performance over time. Unique Dosing Device: The grinder houses a unique millimeter-level dosing device with an effortless handle. This innovative feature ensures precise dosing even at maximum compression, enabling you to craft the perfect espresso shot with ease. Electronic Security: The electronic security model is a noteworthy feature that adds a layer of safety during operation. Doser Counter: Keep track of your dosing with the handy doser counter, a feature designed to enhance accuracy and consistency in your coffee brewing journey. Anti-Adhesive System: The anti-adhesive system is another remarkable feature that ensures a smooth operation, preventing any potential hindrances during the grinding process. Compact and Stylish: The Futurete D64 is not only compact with dimensions of 360 × 200 × 610 mm but also stylish, available in Black and Silver color options, seamlessly blending with any modern café or home kitchen setting​2​. Affordably Priced: Priced at $869.00, the Futurete D64 is a value-for-money investment for any serious coffee enthusiast or a commercial coffee shop looking to upgrade their coffee grinding equipment​3​. Type: This is an automatic commercial coffee grinder-doser, designed for ease of use and efficient operation in a busy coffee brewing environment​4​. Crema Crafters is thrilled to have the Futurete D64 as part of our curated collection. This grinder reflects our ethos of providing maximum value, superior quality, and unwavering support to our esteemed clientele. With the Futurete D64, you're not just buying a grinder; you're investing in a promise of excellence, a commitment to fueling your passion for coffee, one perfect grind at a time.

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